Mind and Analysis Studentships (12 months)

About the Studentships

The Mind Association and the Analysis Trust each propose to award a studentship equal to the full-time maintenance grant for an Arts and Humanities Research Council postgraduate studentship in each academic year. The deadline for 2019/20 applications was April 12, 2019. The deadline for the next round will be announced in early 2020.

The studentships are designed to support a promising philosopher who does not have other means of support (e.g. a temporary or permanent lectureship or a research fellowship) and to enable that individual to conduct full-time research. It is envisaged that the successful candidate will have recently completed a PhD – or be very close to completion – and have a CV which would make the candidate a strong contender for a Junior Research Fellowship or similar appointment.

Please see the ‘Conditions’ link to the left of this page for full details of candidate requirements and ‘Applications’ for instructions on how to apply. For further questions regarding eligibility or terms of the award please contact the Secretary to the Joint Committee, Dr Ben Colburn, at analysistrust.secretary@oup.com.

Conditions of the award

  1. Candidates for the studentship should be pursuing research at a British university, at the beginning of their academic career, and, at the time of taking up the award, should have completed at least three and no more than five years of full-time research, or the part-time equivalent (candidates may make a case for circumstances that exempt them from these eligibility criteria).
  2. Research proposals should be on a subject which falls under the traditional concerns of the journals Mind and Analysis, for example (but not exclusively): metaphysics; philosophy of mind; philosophy of language; epistemology; ethics; political philosophy; aesthetics; logic; philosophy of science; and the history of philosophy.
  3. Candidates should have recently completed a PhD, or be very close to completion at the time of application.
  4. Candidates should not have other means of support (e.g. a temporary or permanent lectureship or a research fellowship) which would enable them to conduct full-time research.
  5. Studentship funds may only be used for the purposes of maintenance and support of research, and may not be used to cover institutional overheads.
  6. It may be possible to hold the position part time; please write to Dr Colburn, the Secretary for the Joint Committee, at analysistrust.secretary@oup.com if you are interested in exploring this option.

How to apply

Applications should be sent via email to Dr Ben Colburn, the Secretary for the Joint Committee, at analysistrust.secretary@oup.com.

The deadline for 2018/19 applications was April 12, 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by early July each year.

Applications should consist of:

  • A CV.
  • A research proposal of not more than 500 words.
  • An official letter offering facilities in the Institutional department in which the candidate proposes to hold the studentship (this should at least consist of access to computers, the library and research seminars in the department).
  • Two references sent independently to the Secretary for the Joint Committee by the candidate’s referees.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to submit written work of up to 8,000 words in the middle of May.

The Executive regrets that it is not possible to offer feedback to applicants.

Selection Process

Selection is made by a joint committee comprising two representatives each from the Mind Executive Committee and the Analysis Committee, with a suitable spread of expertise between them. Applicants’ application materials are read, and samples of written work are invited from a shortlist of candidates. In light of this material the final shortlist is then ranked and studentships offered after ratification by the AGMs of the two societies.

The Secretary of the joint committee will communicate the results of the process to successful applicants in early July.

Post-award reporting

A report on the work supported by the studentship should be sent as soft copy to the Secretary for the Joint Committee, Dr Ben Colburn, at  analysistrust.secretary@oup.com for consideration at the Mind AGM, after the term of the studentship.

Current Studentship Recipients

The Mind Association and the Analysis Trust are delighted to announce the two winners of their Studentship competition for 2019-20. The Mind Studentship is awarded to Simon Thunder, who will be working at the University of Nottingham on a project on mereological nihilism. The Analysis Committee has decided to award the 2019-20 Analysis Studentship to Sophie Keeling, for a project on reasons and self-awareness, to be conducted at the University of Edinburgh.

Previous Mind Studentship Awards

2018/19 Alexander Moran (Cambridge): Perceptual Experience and the Physical World.